Update #2 on the still broken KabelDeutschland (Vodafone Kabel) Proxy

I try to keep you guys updated as often as I can.

Today i was able to take a look into the current version of the Vodafone Kabel TV App. I tried to find the part of the code where they check if someone is interfering with the communication of the app. And to be honest, Vodafone (KabelDeutschland) found a pretty efficient way to prevent me from reading the SSL-encrypted traffic.

The following code example out of the app shows, how they did it.

In the onCreate action of the splash-screen, they are checking if the provided SSL-pub-key fits to the one provided by the app itself. This prevents me from using a proxy with a self-signed certificate to decrypt the communication.

I have not completely given up on this, but it is getting harder and harder to find a way to fix the proxy.

In the source I am able to see what requests are made, but the payload of the request body will be generated with a couple of properties but also dynamically generated IDs. These IDs I was not able to re-generate by myself, yet.

It definitely will take longer than expected to get this up and running again.

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2 thoughts on “Update #2 on the still broken KabelDeutschland (Vodafone Kabel) Proxy

  1. Hey Andrè,

    I am pressing my thumbsup for you! What a big loss, if they prevent us from streaming within our home networks. 🙁 But anyhow – why? It was only working within their dsl network and with correct user credentials.

    Is there a official comment from Vodafone about the fixlist?



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