Jabra Sport Coach Wireless review

Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Box inside

Jabra Sport Coach Wireless In-Ear

After using the Philips SHQ7300LF/00 for quite some time as my workout-companion i got into some disadvantages of them. First of all, the fit was never perfect. I ordered some special BOSE EarWings to get a better fit but that worked only partially because now they won’t fall out during work-out but it looses almost all of its sound quality because they won’t seal the ear any more.

I decided that it was time to get something new and hopefully better suiting my needs. Coincidentally during my daily amazon visit, i ran into a special pre-order offer to get the new Jabra Sport Coach Wireless for just 119€. The official date of release is today, July 7th but i got them already yesterday, thanks to amazon. Now it is time to present my first impression to you.


The design and handling of the box is way better then the before mentioned Philips SHQ7300LF/00. It feels very high-quality and fits with its design into the persona of its buyers. It opens like book to present all the necessary information and a decent view of the ear-pieces.


The box comes loaded with a lot of accessories. There are 3 different sized EarWings, 4 EarGels (in-ear pieces), two clips to get a better fit of the cable, a padded case and micro-USB charging cable. A printed instruction manual is also included.


The Jabra Sport Coach wireless are featuring everything you already know from any other bluetooth headphones.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 (10m range)
  • NFC for simpler pairing
  • sweat and water resistant
  • hands-free calling
  • cable remote control

But there are also some special features i definitely have to mention. The Jabra Sport Coach wireless are supporting:

  • Dolby Audio profile
  • TrackFit motion sensor for workouts
  • in-ear audio coaching
  • companion app to coach your workout

First test

The fit is almost perfect. I used the medium EarWings with the medium EarGels and can’t shake my head enough to get them to fall out. I turned the ear-pieces on and got really surprised, a friendly voice was telling me how to pair them with my phone. I expected an annoying beep like my Philips were offering. So it was quite a nice surprise to get all commands and the percentage of the battery told by a nice female voice.

The pairing went really easy, I put my phone next to the cable-remote-control, NFC does the rest. The quality of the sound was unbelievable for a sport device. I didn’t expect much because of my old headphones so i was even more thrilled about the overall quality.


Yesterday was monday, international chest-day. A good workout to test the main features of my new head-phones in a real world environment. The quality was overwhelming. They do not struggle neither during Burpees nor the chest press. I didn’t here anyone else in my environment which is quite nice if you have to do your workout i a heavily crowded gym. By now I would definitely recommend the Jabra Sport Coach wireless head-phones to any sport-enthusiastic.

Next steps

After test the normal functionality i will move on to test the Jabra Sport Life companion app and also the integration into my already used Endomondo Running app. I will keep you updated after i collected some experience with both of them.